The disponents network. 

A B2B platform for transport hauliers, freight forwarders, depots, terminals and carriers!

Find street turns

Find an adequate import container for an export reallocation. Empty runs become redundant, profit increases and the environment takes a deep breath!

Open or closed

With each upload you decide whether to show your containers solely to your own defined partner network or to make it visible to all registered users 

Pay per success

visi-match only charges you when you find a match and pay for getting detailed information. No contract duration and no fixed fees! 

Smart and flexible

Easy upload process via API, csv-upload or form. Minimum effort – maximum  benefit. Worldwide!

Visi-Match generates win-win situations for all process participants along the transport chain.

Through the localization of direct container turnings empty runs become redundant and the equipment can be better utilized. This leads to decreased costs and efficiency gains for all participants and on top – through less milage the environment can take a deep breath. Get started with Visi-Match today at no costs. We only raise a commission when a container is matched.


Our commitment makes Visi-Match to what it is!

Visi-Match uses the digitalization and horizontal networking in a consequent way and generates advantages for all participants along the transport chain – and also for the environment! The more participants, the higher the match quote, the bigger the benefits for all and the more relaxation for environment and traffic. This is Visi-Match!

Ready to boost through SaaS

To use Visi-Match you only need an internet connection, a browser and a login. No installation costs, no local software. Make yourself ready to boost within a few clicks!

Pay per success

A match produces cost savings of around € 200,-. We only participate with a commission of € 9,95 per match. 95% of the savings remain with you!

Interfaces and automation

Visi-Match is open and offers modern APIs. Therefore, the upload of your container can happen totally automated. With this, you benefit of Visi-Match fully automated.

New impulse for your business

Visi-Match helps all participants along the transport chain to increase the profitability. Registered companies benefit from each other heavily through synergy effects.

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About us

The backbone of the VisiTrans team is the broad and vast field of competencies to optimize logistic processes and to create digital solutions so that you belong to the winners of the digitisation.

Ralf Niemeier


Jan Lüersen


Hendrik Tesche


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