The fees will come into force on 12.10.2020.

Dear VisiMatch user,
Until now the use of VisiMatch was completely free of charge. With the new release, we are now
introducing transparent and moderate fees, which will be charged if negotiations are successfully concluded.
As of October 12, 2020 the following fees will apply for successfully mediated repositionings:

  • Smaller 50 km linear distance: ? 1.00 per container, max ? 20.00 (from 20 containers the price remains constant)
  • Larger 50 km linear distance: ? 1,00 per container, max ? 50,00 (from 50 containers the price remains constant)

For payment processing, please set up your digital Wallet via our payment provider MangoPay,
to which you can deposit funds.

[payin_link target=“_blank“ title=“Setup Wallet free of charge“ class=“btn btn-primary“]Setup Wallet free of charge[/payin_link]

Important: The VisiMatch fee only applies if a negotiation is successfully concluded.
You are in control of the process at all times. The fee will only be charged if you have confirmed that
the process is to be completed with costs.

Please plan the necessary time in advance to set up your digital wallet by 12th of October 2020.
If you have any questions regarding the setup, please contact us at

Wishing you many successful negotiations

Your VisiMatch Team!